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Your Full Team of Digital Marketers 

Our mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses. Harness the full power of a digital marketing team to help excel to the next level. We treat all businesses like our own, no matter what the size.


Let’s distill the essence of why cannabis marketing matters for dispensary owners:

1. Google Rankings Matter:

  • Boost Traffic and Sales: Being on the first page of Google captures 92% of search clicks, while results drop by 95% on the second page. High rankings mean more potential customers find your dispensary.

  • Prime Marketplace Location: Think of it as having a prime spot in a busy market—more visibility, more chances to engage.

2. Website Design Drives Conversions:

  • First Impressions Count:  Users form an opinion within 50 milliseconds. A well-designed, mobile-friendly site encourages exploration and increases conversion rates.

  • Responsive Design Matters: Google rewards mobile-friendly sites with better rankings.

3. Analytics for Smart Decisions:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Analytics reveal user behavior, campaign performance, and ROI. Use this data to make informed marketing decisions.

  • Continuous Improvement: Adjust strategies based on what works. Whether it’s refining content or targeting specific audiences, analytics guide success.

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Remember, a holistic approach combining SEO, analytics, and targeted advertising. Helps dispensaries thrive. 

Why Cannabis Marketing Matters!

Our Testimony

Here at Prosper Media, ranking dispensaries has become a forte. We have a proven track record working within the cannabis industry. We can rank dispensaries at the top of google for the highest search volume keywords in their cities.


Don’t believe us?

Hear it for yourself from our cannabis dispensary client!


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Why Work With Us

Put the Prosper Media Method to Work!

Understand & Research

We want to learn about your industry and business. 

We want to learn as much about your business. Including target audience, brand, promotions, profit margins, industry norms, and competitors. Helping us to maximize your return on investment.


Marketing Strategy 

We will construct a custom marketing strategy that works for your business 

We take all that we learned from your business and competitors and construct a marketing strategy that maximizes profitability and scalability.  

Audience Targeting 

Reach the right audience target to maximize your return on investment. 

Location Targeting 

Demographic Targeting 

Behaviour & Interest Targeting

Keyword Targeting 

Audience Retargeting 


Build ads that speak to your customers

The possibilities are endless in ways you can speak and delight your customers.

Image ads 

Video ads 

Ad Copy

Animated gif ads

Learn & Adjust 

Seek new opportunities to improve ROI

As your campaign data rolls in, we will pivot and make changes if it's necessary. We will seek new opportunities for growth and split test new ideas to improve ROI


About Us

What Prosper Media Stands For!

We are a team of passionate advertising experts who love to compete for the top spot. We are a focused and hard-working team who have a great time bringing you results.

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What We

Stand For!

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Click the link and fill in the form below.  One of our Marketing Specialists will reach out to you to book a free strategy call!

Our Service

Our Services

Paid Ads

If you want to scale and grow your business, you better start running paid ads. It allows you to reach an audience outside of your brand that is searching for your products or services.

There's a science behind this testing different targeting, keywords, copy, images, and strategies. And optimizing what works!

Google Ads 

Billions of searches occur on google every day. With Google Ads, you are able to place your business in front of other listings.


Allowing you to show your ads to people who are looking for your product or services. 

Social Media.png
Social Media Ads

Millions of people spend about 2.5 hours on social media, making it a great platform to get your business in front of them. 

70% of businesses get their customers from social media. Now it's your time to start using the power of social media. 

Google Ads.png

Increase your ranking on Google by keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, technical attributes, and back-linking. 


28.5% of searchers click on the first Google search results. This means you can increase your revenue by 28.5%

Blog & Content

Content marketing provides your customers with value, builds trust, and engages them. 

Though blog articles, ad copy, web copy, email marketing campaigns, and other content materials.


Search Engine Optimization is a vital aspect of your business because it drives customers searching on google to your website.

Increase your visibility on Google and drive more customers by improving your keyword, technical attribution, on-page, and off-page. 

Website Management

A beautifully designed website is an important tool for a business, allowing customers to find more information about your products and services.

Having a website that is well optimized with images, copy, and structure can increase the conversion rate by 15 to 50%. And having a dedicated landing page is important to the success of a marketing campaign. 

Website Design 

A well-designed website allows you to build trust, provides a great user experience, is easy to navigate, and nurtures your visitors into paying customers.


By utilizing powerful copy, appealing images, and optimizing your site structure. 

Website Design.png
Advance Analytics 

Understand how your customers are interacting with your pages, and learn how to optimize your website.


With advanced analytics, you can get a deep understanding of where to make improvements on your website or checkout process. 

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Enhancing Client Success through Strategic Partnerships

Through strategic partnerships with Dutchie and WeCann, our DesignRush verified digital marketing agency offers innovative solutions to elevate your business success.

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We're on DesignRush

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