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Facebook Marketing

Nearly one-third of the Facebook users made a purchase through the Social Network in the past year. This figure will increase in the future. Add other popular networks such as YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You have a tremendous opportunity to reach more customers!


I recently hired a Facebook Ads management service to help boost my business, and I have to say that I'm extremely happy with the results. The team assigned to my account was highly knowledgeable and skilled in creating effective ad campaigns that resonated with my target audience.

Robb Walters

Our in-house team of social media advertising experts will design your ads and copy, set up campaigns, manage accounts, analyze data, and optimize performance to increase revenue and leads. 

Facebook is the most profitable channel for business. Due to the mass amount of potential clients spending time on the Social Media behemoth. More and more shoppers are making decisions based on research, reviews, and comments on Facebook. 

Why shouldn't you utilize it?

Overview Of Our Facebook Ads Management Service

Social Media Channel Highlights

Did you know that each social media channel has its advantages for certain types of businesses? Find out the best social media channel that would benefit your business the most. We will help you determine which channel to focus on to help scale your business online. 


advertising highlights:

  • Highest return on investment for retails, driving 80% of all referrals to eCommerce.

  • Facebook is the top Social Platform with 1.968 billion daily users.

  • The most accurate targeting among all social media 

  • Advertising is affordable and low cost and can give you fast results. 

  • Get an in-depth analysis of your performance to help advance your marketing objective. 


advertising highlights:


advertising highlights:

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advertising highlights:

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advertising highlights:

  • 26% of people spend more time viewing your ads compared to other social media ads. 

  • Twitter has 396.5 million users globally.

  • Twitter is more popular amongst millennials. 

  • Advertising on Twitter is cheaper amongst other social media channels. 


Get A Free Strategy Session

Click the link and fill in the form. One of our Marketing Specialist will reach out to you to book a free strategy call!

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Our Approach To Facebook Ads

Even though running a Facebook ad may look easy. But actually, there is a lot of thought process to generate significantly more sales. 

We provide a great degree of help and expertise to manage your Facebook Ads Account. Such as; creating copy that moves the audience, designing beautiful ad visuals, and advance audience targeting. Providing you with outstanding results.



Understanding Your Business & Competition 

While we bring our marketing knowledge and technical know-how. But, only you really know your business well. Our team takes the time to understand how your business generates money, customer behaviours, brand voice, target audience, and even your pesky competitors. 

We try to understand your industry and have a psychological understanding of your customers. Finding ways to appeal to your customers on different social media platforms. Such as; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Accurately Target Your Audience

In the world of marketing, a famous quote we stand by. If you are marketing to everyone, you will end up appealing to no one. Our clients don't sell to everyone in the world, and the chances are, neither do you. 

Social media advertising allows us to show ads to people who are interested in the products or services you are selling. Below are ways you can target your audience. The possibilities are endless. If you have a very targeted audience, the chances are we can target them. 


Age, Location & Gender


Home Type & Ownership 


Online Spending Habits 


Ethnicity & Language


Relationship Status 


Hobbies & Interest 


Pages They Liked 


Parents With Children 




Business & Industries 


Website Visited 


Life Events




Shopping Behavior 


Travel Habits


Mobile Phone 

Create Memorable Ads Creative

We hate ads that lack production quality and don't express the business brand. They turn off your customers before they even come to your website. 

We don’t design poor-performing ads!

The one thing that we do great is, create ads that are memorable and drive sales. Our team of designers uses their creative skills, knowledge within the marketing industry, and understanding of your business. To create ads that touch and drive the audience to take action!

Check out some of our ad designs for our amazing clients.