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Cannabis Marketing

Advertising and growing a cannabis dispensary is very difficult with the rules and regulations. To successfully market, you need a team of experts who understand the ins & outs of this industry in the digital space.

Let's make you a part of our track record!

Once a legal cannabis dispensary opens up. They become like every other brick-and-mortar store. Relying on foot traffic and the location to bring in new customers.

This can sometimes make you feel like a ghost. The real game changer is when you have a website that generates clicks and brings in online customers and sales. 

The key is understanding how customers shop and tailoring your marketing to be visible to them. People are now searching for the nearest dispensaries to visit or buy online. 


Why Market Cannabis

How SEO Helps


Imagine if your business is ranking for a keyword like "cannabis dispensary in Toronto." That has more than 5 or 10 thousand people searching every month. And your website is ranking in the top 3, bringing in about +25% more customers online. What can this mean to your business? 

You are getting 25% more customers, generating more revenue for your dispensary. Taking your business from 100 visits per month to over 2000 monthly visits. Bring you a lot more traffic for any sized dispensary.

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Case Study

Here at Prosper Media, ranking dispensaries has become a forte. We have a proven track record working within the cannabis industry. We can rank dispensaries at the top of google for the highest search volume keywords in their cities.


Don’t believe us?

Hear it for yourself from our cannabis dispensary client!

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Why Work With Us?

We know what it takes to rank a dispensary at the top of Google, we have a proven formula, and we back it up with raw data. For the price of a minimum wage worker, you have the power of a digital marketing team. 

Who is working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your dispensaries website is ranked at the top of Google. Bringing in as much traffic as google will allow it too, inevitably converting into increased revenue.

How Do We Do It?

How do we rank your cannabis dispensary website, you ask?

That's simple. Google uses trust signals that help gauge what your website is about and how trustworthy it is. These trust signals include; backlinks, citations, on-page SEO (metadata, user experience, etc.), and other off-page SEO.

With enough time and work put in, Google will see your website as an authoritative website. When people search for a term like "your city cannabis dispensary." Usually, this variation of keywords is the highest search term for any dispensary within its city.

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We Go Above And Beyond!

Aside from digital marketing, we work with dispensary owners to increase customer retention and loyalty. That is achieved through in-house marketing strategies that can be implemented on a store level.


As you already know, advertising drives business growth. In the era of Google, everyone searches before they buy or visit a location. 76% of people who carry out a local search visit a physical location within 24 hr, and 28% of those searches resulted in a purchase.

Google is a powerful real estate that you cannot afford to miss out on. 

Our team of Google ads specialists can reach a specific audience looking for your cannabis product. We use many tactics like local targeting and strategic campaign strategies. To deliver the right visitor to your website that is willing to buy.

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Would you like to show your cannabis dispensary where people visit the most? If the answer is yes. Then you got to start engaging with your customers on social media.

Having social media presence influences a customer's buying decision by 71%. Now, that is a big opportunity you don't want to miss. 

We help provide valuable and engaging content; based on education, promotions, brand awareness, and much more. Our team of graphic & media designers will create a memorable experience to help your dispensary grow.

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Did you know? The success rate of selling your products to your existing customers is 60 to 70%, versus the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5 to 20%. You built the trust and the relationship. So why don't you market to the customers that you already have? 

You can increase your revenue by 60-70% by re-marketing and email automation alone. We can help you set up, manage, and increase your open and sales rate for your email marketing. Offering incentives and keeping in touch; alone will increase your acquisition goals. 

Our email marketing specialists will do the heavy lifting, bringing in huge racks of revenue that your dispensary is missing. 


Blogs are the important glue that keeps your online marketing intact. It has many benefits when it comes to many avenues of marketing. Did you know that 56% of people purchase a product after reading a blog article? 

That is huge! And there are many more benefits to it.

It helps to bring in more traffic as you increase the size of your spider web on Google, allowing you to catch more flies. It provides a solid footstep to bring in backlinks, which would increase your search rank within Google. 

Build credibility for your brand and website by showcasing your knowledge and expertise. And of course, increase your sales!


Get A Free Strategy Session

Click the link and fill in the form. One of our Marketing Specialist will reach out to you to book a free strategy call!


What To Expect

Working with Prosper Media, you can expect to be treated with the utmost care and attention. We make sure our clients are always heard and their needs are met. 


Once your dispensary is ranked, the real work begins in maintaining the ranking. Otherwise, other dispensaries can wise up to the perks of digital marketing. If consistent work isn't done every month, a competitor can overtake whatever rank we have climbed.


Investing in your dispensary's website and marketing is crucial. Allowing your dispensary to stand apart from a mediocre dispensary or one with a line out the door.

Our Social Media Ads Management Tools

Prosper Media brings all the analysis and creativity. With help from the best tools in the industry to help achieve tremendous results. 

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